Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Thankfully, no! Insurance has caused unnecessary cost increases in primary care.  Just as you would not use home insurance to do necessary maintenance such as re-painting your home or cleaning the gutters, health insurance is best saved for unexpected health issues or injuries rather than routine primary care and preventive health measures.  We intentionally forego insurance to reduce these unnecessary costs by removing the “middle-man” from your primary healthcare. Direct primary care removes the financial fear associated with seeing your doctor because there are no hidden fees or surprise bills in the mail months later. 

The Affordable Care Act still holds the individual mandate that everyone maintains a health insurance plan. However, we recommend to moving to a low premium high-deductible plan or a shared care plan.  We’re happy to refer you to insurance representatives who can help assist in customizing a plan for you.

Happily, the IRS document 213(d)

Makes it clear that payments to physicians are an allowed deductible expense. 

Yes! Fixed-fee direct primary care (DPC) arrangements are 213(d) qualified medical expenses that can be paid out of tax-deferred medical accounts.  You can also apply your FSA/HSA to medications, labs and imaging provided through our clinic. 

Absolutely! Instead of primary care being an annual visit to the doctor — a chore — the direct primary care relationship enables the healthy person to seek advice on routine health questions such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, mood concerns before they cause significant disfunction.  Additionally the healthy patient can choose a high-deductible plan, pay membership fees from that account and receive all the primary care they desire without surprise expenses later rather than the traditional route of needing to pay all expenses until the deductible is satisfied (thus discouraging the patient from seeking care unless absolutely necessary).

Absolutely.  We welcome all ages!

We offer expanded hours for your convenience. 

We can provide referrals to any variety of specialist and have negotiated best prices on your behalf.  If you have insurance, we can also refer to In-Network specialists.

We contract with local imaging to provide low-cost imaging solutions. We can also work with In-Network imaging facilities.

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