About Dr. Erin

Focus determines our present and future reality as what we focus on receives our energy and grows. The good news is that we can choose our focus, our thoughts, our actions and thus our destiny. Even better is that our happiness and health are then largely within our control. We can consciously implement daily disciplines that are easy to do — but just as easy not to do — that will profoundly impact our happiness and physical well-being over time. I am grateful that as a family physician I have the unique opportunity to work with individuals and families to create happiness, success and health-focused lives. As your physician, I commit to working with you in an open and honest manner to implement these “slight-edge” principles in order that you may create a lifestyle that will lead to increased energy and greater wellness overall.

I am a board-certified family medicine physician with a special interest in lifestyle medicine. My training enables me to offer a wide range of acute, chronic and preventive medical services for the entire family. After graduating from Washington State University I studied at Thomas Aquinas College and then received my medical degree from the University of Washington. I went on to complete a family medicine residency program at Valley Medical Center followed by a rural fellowship program at Tacoma Family Medicine. After 18 months of locum tenens work in rural Washington State and Alaska I practiced at Multicare Health System for almost nine years. I am thrilled to be transitioning to the direct primary care model that will allow us the time needed to address the lifestyle issues impacting health and disease including sleep, nutrition, body movement, stress and social interactions. Together we can achieve greater things than we can alone; I look forward to partnering with you.


What's "Direct Primary Care"?

Put simply, Focus Health Family Medicine is a healthcare membership that focuses on prevention and physical and mental well-being without the oversight and associated cost of the middle man, the insurance industry.  For a low fixed monthly fee, patients get direct access to their primary care doctor via virtual visit, phone or email.  

Did you know that fees for DPC service are often lower than the annual cost of copays and coinsurance for office visits, labs, and prescriptions. Schedule a meeting with Dr. Erin to talk about your needs and ask about pricing.

More About Direct Primary Care