Dr. Kallock Focus Health DPC

Focus Health DPC

Accessible. Affordable. Personalized Family Medicine.

Dr. Erin Kallock and her team at Focus Health Family Medicine utilize all possible resources to provide the highest level of accessible compassionate medical care to support total wellness.

How Can We Help You?

Direct Primary Care is a well-established model of care that allows you to have a direct, personalized relationship with your doctor.  As a patient in our practice, you are a member and your low monthly fee covers all visits, communications with the practice, and coordination of your care.  No long waits for appointments, no hassles and insurance is not required.  From urgent care needs to questions about achieving optimal health we offer individualized care to all ages including the pediatric population.

Unlimited Appointments

We offer timely, easy-to-schedule, unrushed appointments and encourage you to see us as often as you need.

No Extra Fees

No wait times, no co-pays, no surprise bills in the mail with Focus Health you know exactly what you are paying for each month.

Large Savings On Labs

We would love to do everything in our office, but sometimes you are going to need labs. We have already worked out prices with local labs so you will know exactly what you are going to pay.

In addition, we provide sports physicals, immunization counseling, weight management and much more

Is Direct Primary Care Right for Me?

Get Better Primary Care
Become a member of our practice and get high quality primary care without co-pays.

Insurance Covers Everything Else
Use insurance as normal for labs, testing, medications, specialists, and hospital-based care.

Lower Your Out of Pocket Costs
If you have a high deductible plan, reserve insurance for major issues and save 90% with our at-cost pricing on labs, testing, and medication.

Affordable, Transparent Pricing
Become a member of our practice and get unlimited primary care, $0 office visits, and no surprise charges.

Get Help Navigating the System
Utilize our cash pay resources, including specialists & at-cost medication and testing.

Catastrophic Care Options
Get a discount on medical cost sharing at Sedera Health for help with major medical expenses or signup for a catastrophic insurance plan.

Exceptional Primary Care
Become a member of our practice and get highly personalized primary care for no extra costs.

Full Medical Coverage
Medicare provides coverage for most or all of your healthcare outside our office.

You Control Your Care
If Medicare ever denies testing or treatment, our at-cost prices can help you get the care you deserve.

Let’s Partner Together In Your Health

($998 value included with your initial sign up)

Medication Analysis & Cost Reduction Review
($199 value)

Let’s review the medications you are currently taking; we want to make sure that they are necessary and that you are getting the best price. Our patients have received extensive savings on their prescription medications and we want that for you too.

90-minute New Patient Health Assessment

Tell us your GOALS, we will LISTEN to you and get a clear picture of your current health and what you want to achieve in your overall health.

Medical History
($199 value)

We will review your current and past medical records and document your health history going forward. This will provide us with a clear picture of the past so we can best serve your future needs.

Comprehensive Health Exam & Lab Screening
($350+ value)

This allows us to create a comprehensive preventative plan that keeps you healthy and living your best life.